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Using the Right Words to Attract People

When you start your own Blog or Writing site, sooner or later (preferably right from the beginning) you’ll need to offer a newsletter to your site visitors. There are a ton of “How To’s” on how to do this but it’s easy to overcomplicate things. One thing you do need... read more

5 Steps to Becoming a Blogger

If you want to become a blogger, there’s a lot to do. Before you get buried in To-Do lists, here’s a check list of five things that you need to consider and research before you even choose a blogging platform. I would advise you to read this whole post... read more

Is Your Book Ready For Hollywood?

You’ve written a book with great characters, memorable dialogue, and an engaging plot. In fact, readers enjoy your book so much, they keep telling you what a fantastic movie it would make! But you’re wondering: Just because it’s a good story in book form, would... read more

Writer’s Block – Advice From Writers

How often have you sat staring at a blank word document on your pc screen waiting for inspiration to strike? Horrible, isn’t it? Have you sat at the kitchen table chewing your pen or doodling because the words just won’t come? Is your dog exhausted because... read more

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