Recommended Tools and Books

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I only recommend things that I personally use and love.

one dot com

Domain, Web Hosting and Email

I love and use it for all of my websites. I’ve tried others but they don’t offer the value for money and great customer service that do.

Web hosting at offers you your domain, email, one click installation or’s own website editor, amazing customer service via live chat and much more.

Sign up now and get 3 GB extra for life.

Software for Email Lists and Newsletters

aweber square

I’m a massive fan of AWeber.

I was a little overwhelmed by it at first but it doesn’t take long to find your way around and their Help section covers everything you need to know.

Now – I couldn’t manage without it.

It makes writing and sending Newsletters a breeze.

Elegant Themes white edgeWordPress Themes

If you’re looking for a website theme, you need to go straight to the Elegant Themes website.

They offer an astonishing 88 Themes for only $69 per year. When you see what you get for your money, this quickly becomes a no-brainer. You can upgrade to their Developer package ($89 per year) or buy Lifetime Access for a one off payment of $249. If you already have membership and wish to upgrade, you only pay the difference between your current membership and the upgrade.

It’s worth buying membership just for the legendary Divi theme alone – I built this site with Divi – but 88 Themes? Wow.

You can also use their Themes to build unlimited sites for unlimited customers and Elegant Themes offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Recommended Books

Stephen King On Writing. A Memoir of the Craft

It’s no secret that I’m a massive Stephen King fan. That aside, I truly believe that anyone who wants to write anything can learn  so much from King’s advice.

Although this is quite a short book, it is an astonishing one. King’s honesty about his upbringing and events in later life (notably his wife, Tabby’s intervention regarding his cocaine and alcohol addiction and the accident which nearly killed him) can be searing at times.

He dispenses massive amounts of valuable help in a no-nonsense way that makes you want to step up to the plate and follow in his illustrious footsteps.

Read, learn and enjoy.

Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity by Ray Bradbury

This evergreen classic is a testament to passion. Bradbury’s enthusiasm leaps off the page and grabs you by the throat.

He warns that it isn’t easy, while simultaneously making you want to become a writer more than anything in the world.

There are many reasons why this book is often used as a textbook in creative writing classes.

There are also many reasons to read it.

It’s a classic, it’s inspiring, it teaches and it entertains. No writer’s bookshelf is complete without it.

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