While search engine rankings continue to be based on SEO and backlinks, your company’s entire marketing efforts don’t have to be. Social media has become a critical source of traffic, qualified leads, and ultimately revenue.

However, the brands and bloggers who are consistently successful at leveraging social media aren’t just lucky, but follow a list of best practices developed through research.

At the forefront, social media-focused startups such as Buffer and Hootsuite publish multiple guides a year indicating how, when, and where to post on social media for maximum results.

Unfortunately, many bloggers just don’t have the time to scour multiple guides and piece together the best and worst days/times to post on social media by platform, engagement statistics, the number of updates per day, hashtag usage, image size guide, etc.

Nevertheless, if you’re an avid blogger and social media user, you may be in luck. Gary Dek of Start A Blog 123 has compiled a comprehensive guide on the best times to post on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Imagine posting updates that will increase the chances of your content earning shares, likes, RTs, and pins?

Check out the amazing Social Media Guide infographic below and then share it on your own website or blog. The embed code is at the bottom of the page under the Author Bio box.

Best times to post on social media infographic - WriteHacks.com

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