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Only 10 months ago, I was stuck in a part time job that was stressing me so much that it was making me feel ill every day. I knew that I wanted to have a home based business and make money from home but I couldn’t see how it would ever happen.

And then fate intervened. Fate made all my dreams come true. I got what I thought was the best ever freelance writer gig and left the job I hated.

Then fate slapped me around the face with a wet fish and spat me out into a place where I had to sink or swim.

So I chose to swim.

I had dreamed of working from home for so long that when it finally happened, it took a bit of getting used to. But I’m not complaining. I feel so lucky to be doing what I love and to be free of the stress that I endured for too long.

With the economic situation the way it is, many stay at home Moms and College Students are trying to make extra money by doing part time online work such as freelance writing. If you’re already getting some extra income by doing that – then you have a great foundation for making money from home – full time.

Blogging from home is a great online job – but there are downsides that you don’t often hear about.

Authenticity is the Write Hacks byword so here are some of my experiences – the awesome, the not so much and how to fix them – followed by an Infographic that I created just for Write Hacks.

If you’d like to put the Infographic on your own Blog or Site, please feel free. The embed code is at the bottom of the Infographic after the Author Bio Box.

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AWESOME  You get to work from home

NOT SO MUCH  It can be lonely especially if you have left a job where you had a lot of contact with colleagues and other people.

HOW TO FIX IT  As time goes by, you will start making friends on the Interwebz. Comment regularly on peoples’s posts and you will get to know others in your niche. Twitter is great for this.

AWESOME  It’s easy to get to work.

NOT SO MUCH  It’s not so easy to leave work.

HOW TO FIX IT  Try and work ‘office hours.’ This is incredibly hard to do and something that I’m still struggling with.

AWESOME  You get to work in your pyjamas.

NOT SO MUCH  This is a weird luxury until the novelty wears off and you start feeling like a hobo.

HOW TO FIX IT  I’ve made a rule that once I’ve had my first coffee, I go and get dressed. Then I start feeling professional and…I’m ready for work.

AWESOME  You earn your own money in your own time.

NOT SO MUCH  This also means that you have to keep your own accounts. This is a common challenge for creative types that don’t do numbers.

HOW TO FIX IT  Keep it simple. I tried a few types of accounting software but hated them all so now I have a simple IN and OUT chart. Works for me and I will have a full picture of what I’m earning and spending all ready for the end of the financial year.

AWESOME  You get to spend time on Social Media because you HAVE to.

NOT SO MUCH  I love, love, LOVE Social Media but my broadband is tragically slow so it can become a chore to keep everything updated.

HOW TO FIX IT  If you already have uber fast broadband – lucky you! If you live in a rural area like I do, check out the cost of satellite broadband or find an Internet Cafe in town where you can drink lattes all day while working. Win win!

AWESOME  You can have a coffee break whenever you want to.

NOT SO MUCH  The reality? I make several cups of coffee a day and drink most of them once they’ve sat on my desk, been forgotten and gone cold

HOW TO FIX IT  I now schedule my coffee breaks. I stop for one at 11am and stop working while I drink it. I’m now a whizz at Spider Solitaire.

AWESOME  You can meet a friend for coffee whenever you want to.

NOT SO MUCH  Yes, you could but I haven’t done this since I started working from home.

HOW TO FIX IT  Allow yourself one morning a week off to catch up with friends.

AWESOME  You save money on petrol /gas.

NOT SO MUCH  Your car seizes up because it hasn’t been driven for so long.

HOW TO FIX IT  Another good reason to meet a friend once a week – to keep your car running.

AWESOME  You can take a long lunch break.

NOT SO MUCH  The reality? I very rarely take a lunch break.

HOW TO FIX IT  Schedule it into your day. I don’t miss stopping for lunch but I appreciate that I probably should.

AWESOME  You can work when you want to

NOT SO MUCH  I now work much longer hours than I ever did at my old job. I often overdo it and then need to ease up for a couple of days.

HOW TO FIX IT  The plus side of working so hard is that I see results and I love what I do.

AWESOME  You can work at night if it suits you better. I did this while the school kids were on summer vacation as I had NO bandwidth during the day.

NOT SO MUCH  It can wreak havoc on your body clock.

HOW TO FIX IT  Choose to do this if it suits you for a while but don’t go nocturnal permanently…there is a world out there which could pass you by.

AWESOME  You have so much time

NOT SO MUCH  At my old job, I used to clock watch all the time and time dragged. Now, the time flies at a ridiculous speed.

HOW TO FIX IT  Maximize your productivity by making lists and mapping out what needs to be done – in order of priority.

AWESOME  You can do what you want, when you want to.

NOT SO MUCH  You can, but you won’t achieve much. This is where self discipline come into play.

HOW TO FIX IT  One of the best bits of advice I have been given so far while working on the net (thanks Carol Amato :) ) is to attend to whatever is going to bring in revenue first. Once that’s dealt with, you can relax a little more.

AWESOME  You can work on whatever you like

NOT SO MUCH  Yes, you can – but it’s not always the most productive way to work. You’ll get to the end of the day, having worked solidly, but with not much to show for your efforts.

HOW TO FIX IT  Make a To Do list at the end of each day and tackle it in the morning before you start diversifying.

AWESOME  You don’t need to worry about being sick.

NOT SO MUCH  Yes, you do because you lose working time and therefore, earning time.

HOW TO FIX IT  At my old job, I felt constantly ill and I had a lot of time off. Most of these illnesses were due to stress.

Since I started working from home 10 months ago, I haven’t been sick once.

AWESOME  You get to sit down all day.

NOT SO MUCH  You get to sit down all day.

HOW TO FIX IT  Take a 10 minute break in every hour to just walk around, stretch and rest your eyes from the pc.

AWESOME  You can smoke all day if you want to.

NOT SO MUCH  The first day that I worked from home, I got through nearly 40 cigarettes – double what I usually smoked. Most of them burned away in the ashtray as I’d forgotten them.

HOW TO FIX IT  I gave up smoking the next day – but don’t try and take away my nicotine gums…I may turn nasty.

AWESOME  It’s much easier to fit your life around your work. I was able to take my daughter and her fiancé to their new flat on the mainland and stay for a few days.

NOT SO MUCH  Vacation = not earning.

HOW TO FIX IT  Save up enough money to cover your vacation time.

AWESOME  You can take your holidays when you want to.

NOT SO MUCH  Vacation = not earning.

HOW TO FIX IT  Get a laptop so that you can still do some work when you’re away from home.

AWESOME  You can have the evening meal prepared in time for your partner coming home.

NOT SO MUCH  My supportive husband often cooks dinner…just so that we get fed while I hammer away at the keyboard.

HOW TO FIX IT  We now cook together – unless I’m very, very busy.

AWESOME  You can do the grocery shop midweek when the shops are quieter.

NOT SO MUCH  I go food shopping on a Saturday with my husband when there are no parking spaces and the supermarket is packed out.

HOW TO FIX IT  This is also our official ‘date day’. After shopping we go for lunch at a lovely little cafe.

AWESOME  You get to be yourself – not a work persona.

NOT SO MUCH  No downside.

HOW TO FIX IT  Enjoy being who you really are and push yourself to your own limits.

AWESOME  You don’t have to leave the house when it’s raining / blowing a gale / snowing.

NOT SO MUCH  There is NO downside to this – especially when you live in the Outer Hebrides


AWESOME  You get to do something you love – all day, every day.

NOT SO MUCH  If there’s a down side, I haven’t found it yet.

HOW TO FIX IT  If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.

AWESOME  You are your own boss.

NOT SO MUCH  There is no down side to this.

HOW TO FIX IT  Just enjoy it!

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