How to use GPT-3 for the first time

Time to take GPT-3 for a spin! Get to know the GPT-3 Playground and craft your first prompt in just a few minutes.

  1. Log in to OpenAI’s Playground.
  2. Welcome to your new GPT-3 workspace. This fairly plain text editor-looking place, which will henceforth be known as the Editor, is actually where magical things can happen.
  3. The best way to wrap your brain around AI writing is to see GPT-3 in action. Let's start with something easy: writing your first prompt.
  4. Look within the Editor text box and you'll see some grey dummy text in there, Write a tagline for an ice cream shop. This instruction is known in AI writing land as a prompt.
  5. Take it for a spin! Write out that grey dummy text then hit Submit.
  6. GPT-3 will think about it for a split second before spitting out some options highlighted in green. (Or it will hit you with an error about trailing spaces, which you can fix by finding removing any spaces near the end of the prompt)
  7. Well done, you've just written your first prompt! Gosh, that was easy.
  8. If you didn't love what it came up with, just select πŸ”„ Regenerate and it will give it another go.

Fun fact: This kind of from-scratch prompt is known in the biz as a zero-shot. That's when you don't provide any examples for the AI to learn from. Just straight zero-to-one. You love to see it.

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